SAMMI Line Blinds

Line blinding has been used to pipe lines in various industries wherever either positive shut-off is most concerned and full flow should be achieved without pressure drop. In the past, Blinding (or blanking) a line was a costly labor-intensive process involving several personnel and equipment including cranes (depending on the size of the line) heavy tools, and occasionally scaffolding. The lengthy process exposed operators to hazards including inhalation of potentially toxic fumes, spills of product and risk of explosion. In addition to the handling of the heavy and unwieldy blind/spectacle blind flanges. The Sammi Lind Blind incorporates a tough and simple design that has been developed to provide absolute shut-off, long life and trouble-free service with minimum maintenance. The unique and simple opening-closing mechanism of the Sammi Lind Blind allow one person to blank or blind pipelines with ease, rapidity and safety without any tools or equipment.

Line Blind Valves are used for:

  • * For safety in operation and maintenance
  • * For perfect isolation of pipe line
  • * For prevent product contamination
  • * For keeping vacuum condition
  • * Preventing environmental pollution
  • * In emergency for process problem, accident in line,
  •    shutdown of an equipment.