Sammi Line Blinds Offer a combination of two essential criteria

  • * Zero Leakage
  • * Safe & Easy blinding by untrained one operator

Features of SAMMI Line Blinds

  • * Absolute shutoff Zero Leakage to Downstream


  • * Quick change Blinding by untrained operator within 30 seconds ~ 5 minutes safely


  • * Only one operator Blinding by one operator pipeline with ease and safety


  • * Self sticking free machanism Unique Gear-set system prevents sticking problem of blind


  • * Non line spread No pipe stress during operation


  • * Simple structure Minimum maintenance to replace Sealing only
  •  * Cost saving Not only Saving man-hour cost but also increasing production time


  • * No need tools Hand-wheel operation. No need any tools – Cranes, Bolts, Nuts, Gaskets etc.


  • * Safety working Prevention of potential hazard – Inhalation of potentially toxic fumes, Spills of product and risk of explosion


  • * Friction-Free Gear-set system provides perfect isolation without any contacting or rubbing of gasket