SAMMI Line Blinds is your most advanced technology of pipe line isolation. The unique and simple opening-closing mechanism of the SAMMI Line Blind allow one person to blank or blind pipelines with ease, rapidity and safety without tools or equipment. In other words mechanical automatization of spectacle plates, and blinding of your process in general. The simple design and solid structure are the strong points of SAMMI technology.

  • * Focus yourself on two essential criteria – zero leakage + safe & easy operation.
  • * SAMMI warrants for 3 years except sealing materials.
  • * Only replacing gaskets is necessary for maintenance and can be carried out on site.
  • * Replacement period of seal ring can be different by gasket kind and process working conditions.


🙁 Environment pollution

🙁 Exposure hazard of toxic fluid to worker

🙁 Potential hazard of sparking

🙁 Need tools, crane, etc.

🙁 Need of well trained worker

🙁 High labor cost


🙂 100% positive shutt-off

🙂 Quick change

🙂 Safety working

🙂 No tools, crane, etc.

🙂 Only one operator

🙂 Minimum maintenance

🙂 No line spread

The SAMMI LINE BLIND incorporates a tough and simple design that has been developed to provide absolute shutoff, long life and trouble-free service with minimum maintenance.